Who Am I? What do I do? How Can you Find me? Read below – QUICK!!!!

My name is BRENDAN SHANAHAN. I am a WRITER, based in SYDNEY, Australia, the greatest city in the WORLD, or at least the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE, or at least AUSTRALIA. I write articles for many DIFFERENT publications around the WORLD, some of which you can READ on this website. I also write BOOKS – 3 so far and  MORE on the way. I also do COPYWRITING and TV CONSULTANCY. I do a lot of TRAVELLING and WRITING about TRAVEL. I used to be a  full-time journalist and also wrote a rock music column and an opinion column for the Daily Telegraph. But now I am a FREELANCER, which means less money but more time to write BOOKS, which really means more time to watch TV, which I LOVE. I have a degree in ART HISTORY and have developed a taste for expensive WINE. I am more HIGHBROW than my budget will allow. So feel FREE to contact me at this EMAIL address for any reason, especially if you are a CASHED UP editor: very.strange@gmail.com